The Great American Trailer Park Musical: Nonstop Fun!

Great American Trailer Park Musical, South Kingston RI
These actors must have had fun singing these raunchy funny songs!

Pippi is an exotic dancer who has run away from her magic-marker sniffin’, gun totin’ beer swillin’ ex-boyfriend.  She finds refuge in Stark Florida, where a collection of trailer park characters reside, ‘on the other side of the tracks’ in Armadillo Acres.

Last night I enjoyed a ribald, rauchy ride through the neighborhood in “The Great American Trailer Park Musical,” performed with delight and a lot of camp at the Courthouse Center for the Arts in South Kingston.

What fun these actors must have had belting out those tunes, one of which had this memorable line, sung by a agoraphobic housewife who’s afraid to step out of her trailer home: “Let’s go out this Saturday night, but there’s a show I wanna watch starring Judith Light!”

From the scene where Pippi is writhing around the stripper’s pole, to the dance number when one main character bursts forth in a red Elvis suit, the singing and music was crisp and well sung. And as the director promised before the show, it really was 90 minutes of nonstop fun and they threw in enough curse words to make it truly trailer park trashy.

Live theater is always fun; live MUSICAL theater is just about as much fun as it gets. Bravo, Russell Maitland and the cast, this was very well performed and I’m so glad I found out about the show in the local newspaper!