Living In the Moment and Savoring the Water

It’s finally feeling like summer, and that’s a relief after our spring fits and starts.  Summer always used to mean swimming, but it’s been nearly a decade since I enjoyed a dip in the local river. 

We drove over to Deerfield Academy and began the walk. I always say, when on this school’s property, you have to act like you’re entitled. Act like you are supposed to be there. So when the guy in the little cart came up to us, I haughtily exclaimed “We live in Deerfield!” and that did the trick.

The river was flowing clear and clean, and down by the banks the tree that had once been used as the take-off point for the ropeswing had fallen into the water.  It was the storms of a few weeks ago, we surmised.  We waded out into the clear cold water, further and further.  I focused on being there, right there, in that moment, that 5:30 pm twilight Saturday feeling. It felt so good.

I liked how my friend kept saying how much she liked the water. She was getting my ‘in the moment’ vibe, keeping our experience there, and getting all the magic out of each minute.  That’s the way I want to live life, I thought. In the moment, more swimming, more biking in Franklin County, spending more time with too-long-neglected old friends.  Focusing hard on what’s right in front of me.