As the PC Chokes and Seizes Up, I Thank God for My Mac

I left my Mac laptop at the office, and was forced to use my daughter’s Dell to post this morning.  EGADS, what a frustrating and annoying experience!  There are so many programs trying to run, mischievious little demons raising their hands, me, me!!  and so the keyboard is sluggish and there’s a lag to each keystroke.  This machine is choked up and barely able to run.  The Mac?  It starts up quickly, intuitively, and just sails along.

Today another meeting with craftsman Lance Hodes. I’ve decided that  his company, Haydenville Woodworking and Design, will build my new master bedroom suite.  Lance has this calm demeanor that goes well with his perfect understanding of how buildings are made and after numerous revisions, I think we are close to nailing down the design.

Tomorrow we’ll be sending two interns and two of our cafe staff to Six Flags in Agawam to try out their new water park.  I’ve set up this outing with much delight; it gives me pleasure to send these four women down there ‘on assignment,’  where they will tweet and Facebook like crazy while they cool off in the park.

I’m caught up with my writing; that’s another good feeling.  Now just two stories left to write: Mendocino and Rhode Island fishing.  Life is good!