The Satisfying Sensation of Sitting Fireside

I began the day with a recap of last night’s very successful firepit launch at Cindy’s. The primeval attraction to a fire at night is spreading; more and more of my friends are discovering the joy of sitting by a backyard fire.  We created an impromptu patio to rest the new fire pit on, and with dear friends Jack and Laura it was a relaxing night of conversation and good food.

The day began with a chore, but it’s the kind of work I’d love to do more of. We catered lunch for a group of 30 bike riders who are making their way over a 40-mile course…from Northampton Brewery to Opa Opa Brewery in Southampton, then over the backroads to Berkshire Brewing and on to a mead brewer and another small brewer in Bernardston. 

Making platters of sandwiches and gallons of ice tea for the thirsty bike riders boosted Sunday’s sales. I spent a good many years working in the catering business and remember well when I said good riddance to all of that work.

But somehow, when you’re the guy who’s getting the check and own the business, this catering work is far more satisfying.  Now it’s time to hang out with Sofie and Nathan, maybe a nearby playground is in order.