With a Sigh of Regret, I’ll Pass the Reins on Soon

I’m sitting in my favorite window of my favorite cafe, thinking about what it will be like after May 3 when I will no longer own this place. I tell friends and acquaintances who ask me that it will be great; that just being a customer will be much more fun than all of the responsibilities that come with signing the checks.  Still, there is a big part of me that is saddened…why couldn’t we have been profitable enough for me to stay the boss?

But the truth is, I tried to have it both ways.  Owning the cafe and popping in for a few minutes every so often to man the cash register or take out the recycling isn’t how it works for most business owners.   The model is more like my dear friends next door at Georgio’s…work six days a week, and spend nearly every waking hour in the place.  Another cafe owner who just sold his Greenfield cafe told me that at night, he ached. He was physically in pain, and that’s what drove him to sell out. I can’t say I’m in any pain, and for that I’m thankful.

So this change will happen soon and I cross my fingers that our new owners will like what we’ve established here enough to keep it the same. Mostly the same at least.