“This is what Publishing Looks Like in 2010”

It’s a chilly morning, and today I am meeting another prospective intern who wants to come work with us. Graduating from college, I guess in today’s economy it makes sense to get an unpaid internship instead of a regular job. With or without the UMass credits, I think spending time with us an intern is a great way to get a job in publishing. Sarah is excited about the position, and will join us in May. “This is the future of publishing and what publishing looks like in 2010. Forget getting a job at a local paper,” I advised.

We’ve developed a really effective system, where the current interns teach the incoming interns how to do it. So we just pass the torch every semester so that the blogs get written, emails sent out, and new pages are published on GoNOMAD. Today between the two interns and Steve and I, we published 20 new pages about a whole range of topics.