The Avalon Rides Again!

See that 3? That's 3/31/11!
This will be my car for at least the next one year....

The Avalon rides again…happily, I am driving off to Boston/Logan airport in a newly inspected state certified luxury automobile. And for the next year, I shall not speak of buying a new car, I shall be content to drive this one now that it has passed this milestone/hurdle.

I am fond of this beige bomber. She has lasted so long and been so reliable, the true pedigree of Toyota, her now tarnished nameplate.  I heard that it’s five billion so far in damages, and it could reach higher.  Out of control Priuses are scary, expensive images.   I noticed a new commercial they are running, with the good hearted auto mechanic saying ‘thanks for sticking with us. Toyota. ‘   People will still sue.

I am ready for this trip…flying about 4 1/2 hours toward Portugal. But then we’ll land at the Azores, eight islands located about 500 miles out from the shore of Portugal.   We have a trip planned which will include hiking bird watching, horseback riding, wineries hopefully some fishing and meeting interesting people who live there.