When Times Are Tough, Give and You Get

January is a tough month, as anyone with a payroll and hungry vendors can attest. But it is wise to consider that every year, we survive and thrive and make it to February and beyond. I called up my sister this morning and she gave me some interesting advice. Counter-intuitive, yet compelling.

“When you’re struggling, that’s the best time to have benefits, and donate to charity. If you give when things are difficult, you get back when times are flush. It really works.” She recommends we organize a benefit, or try to reach out and help people. I think there is truth to the notion that giving gets, and I hope that I can get some traction for my idea of helping local people who are unemployed by offering assistance at the cafe.

I put this out in our newsletter but didn’t get any bites. Could it be that everyone on our cafe email list is gainfully employed and doesn’t need help?

I keep thinking that offering people the chance to use our computers, sharpen up their resumes, and brainstorm about how they can get jobs and get their careers on track is a service we could offer. Do you know anyone who is out of work and needs our help? Please send them our way.