This Has Gotta Be a Plant…

A new study finds that couples who do more housework have more sex on average than those who slack on keeping the house tidy. After interviewing almost 7,000 couples about their household chores and frequency of sex, researchers found a direct correlation between the two. More housework completed = more fun in the bedroom.

But the division of labor needs to be equal — or at least close to equal. In households where the woman does significantly more of the housework, the couples reported having sex about 36 times a year. Compare that to households where the husband steps up and helps close to the same amount as his partner? They have sex at least 15 times more per year.

The researchers don’t suggest that the key factor here is the amount of work on the house husband’s put in. Rather, they concluded it was a “go-get-’em” or “get it done” attitude that motivated them to keep their houses tidy and not skimp on sex.

“Rather than compromise their sex life, this group of go-getters seem to make sex a priority,” the authors of the study found.