The Narrative Pollutes the Minds of Muslims

My parents get two newspapers every day at their New Jersey home. One of them is the Trenton Times, which publishes Thomas Friedman’s column, as does the NY Times, their second newspaper. I read him today and as usual, agree with what he has to say.

It’s about the Narrative…a series of lies and fabrications that’s the talk of the Arab street. Jihadist websites, mosque preachers and Arab satellite TV stations broadcast an oft repeated tale of how the US government is trying to wipe out Islam. That the war on terror is war on Muslims, and it’s all a grand ‘Crusader conspiracy.’

But what about the muslims the US and allies have fought for, in Darfur, Bosnia, Somalia and post-earthquake Pakistan? asked Friedman. He rightly points out that the muslims who are dying are at the hands of other muslims, jihadist suicide bombers and the like.

Interestingly, a million muslims take the streets and protest Danish cartoons supposedly badmouthing Mohammed. Yet there are no street protests against the muslims who are bombing other muslims and conspiring to kill thousands of Americans!