The Kawarau Jet Skims the Beautiful Lake and Rivers

Queenstown is the big Kahuna when it comes to New Zealand tourism. Nearly everyone who comes to the big wide open South Island spends some time here in this adrenaline filled rockin’ little town. We got a chance to see some of the spectacular scenery here from the water, zipping across Lake Wakatipu on the Kawarau jet.

These monster boats, with two engines and 700 horsepower, were developed in the 1960s by a Kiwi named Hamilton, and have become synonymous with Queenstown’s adventure culture. But it’s not the boat, nor the 360 degree swooping turns that excited us. It was the scenery and the clear aqua water of the lake and the Shotover River.

The banks are devoid of any spec of litter, the ducks are the only movement, and there are very few other boaters to get in the way of this high speed craft. As usual, we were piloted by a handsome and friendly Kiwi, who we learned had to have 100 hours of instruction to get behind the wheel of this speedboat.

It was a perfectly clear day and the upper end of the lake was like a mirror. I can’t wait to show off the video of this trip in the cafe, where patrons will wonder just where in the world these glorious images were captured. I’ll be happy to tell them that’s a part of my favorite travel destination.

New Zealand, it never disappoints.