Auckland’s Domestic Terminal –Kiosks Aplenty!

We’re en route to Wellington and are waiting at Auckland’s new and improved domestic terminal. After the 13 hour flight, it was nice to get out into the air, and we followed the blue trail from the international terminal over here to domestic departures. 

Outside we passed some lovely spring flowers, abloom in purple and white, a reminder that a new growing season is just starting here as we rake our leaves and pile up firewood in New England.  

Auckland’s domestic terminal has been remade in the same style as many new airport terminals around the world…three giant banks of kiosks dominate the entryway, you just go right to the machine and begin swiping and getting what you need, instead of that imposing bank of people sitting behind counters and giant snaking lines. It makes a lot of sense since really, nobody needs to wait in line when online ticketing makes the whole process streamlined.

We can’t wait to see Mark and Margarita of Villa Margarita who we enjoyed meeting so much two years ago when we stayed with them. This time we don’t have to worry about getting lost since Mark is meeting us. We’ll look forward to seeing the improvements they’ve made since we last were here!