Touring the Comau Fjord by Boat

We spent most of today aboard a 35′ yacht, cruising among the towering wooded cliffs of th Comau fjord. Nobody goes in these mountains that are so inaccessible due to the high cliffs. We came upon a massive colony of sea lions who bellowed and barked, snapping at each other and flopping into the sea.

At about 9:30 am, a gregarious Colombian journalist discovered a bottle of Ballantine whisky and began drinking the booze on deck. His bad behavior was contagious so soon there were three morning tipplers being raucus on deck.

Our guide told us that he hoped that some day this fjord would rival New Zealand’s Milford Sound in terms of tourism. It has the same incredible wildness, and cliffs that rise up with nothing civilized on top.

We motored to the end of the fjord and found fisherman picking mussels from the wall of the cliffs, free seafood that they sell in the market. Later we flew over this wild place and from above, the lack of any hint of civilization is what struck me the most.