Fireside Fun on Green Lane

Once again the star of our evening’s show was the firepit, that I transported in the back of the truck down to Cindy’s for our little dinner party.

En route in the black of night, the screen top blew out of the back of the truck, so when I arrived in Holyoke it was gone…lost some where on I-91 I guess.

I cooked an entire feast of vegetables, the star of the night being the fried green tomatoes that I picked myself at Olga’s Farm in South Hadley. We also picked guests who mixed easily and laughed even easier, so it was convivial and a great mix for the whole night.

When night fell we gathered by the fire and continued our conversation, at one point we had four iphones all going exchanging Facebook connections in a modern day version of swapping business cards. At 1 am it was finally time to say goodnight,