Biting the Hand that Sumptously Feeds Us

We were dropped off at our luxury villa tonight, and taken for a quick tour of the sumptous property at the 8000-acre Cliffs Preserve. We saw the outdoor wood-fired hot tub, were amazed by the luxurious huge bedrooms, and dazzled by the ocean views, which in the morning would lie resplendent in front of our huge picture windows. I kept expecting a blue whale to swim by.

Then the hotel manager left and a giant argument ensued. The French writer kept saying, ‘this is bullshit!’ and remarking over how outraged he was that the resort doesn’t allow easy access to the beach. Others mocked the concept of building relationships between guests and staff.

A couple who live in Brazil were outraged at how presumptuous it is for the resort run a program that brings US dentists in to help fix local people’s teeth. “We have plenty of good dentists here in South America, why are they bringing in US dentists?” they thundered.

Sony tried to counterpunch, mentioning the fact that the resort employs lots of locals and adheres to strict green guidelines. But the socialist crowd of Chileans would have none of it.

Biting the hand that put them up in this resort for the rich, they attacked, saying that the claim that this place builds ‘relationships’ is crap. “Relationships with the help?” they scoffed. “That’s crap.

I escaped to my sumptuous luxury room to do what I do best…write blogs and leave the arguments to those who feel such passion. For me, it’s just funny to hear it going on in the next room, which, by the way, has 400 count Egyption cotton sheets. And that’s not bullshit!