Cruising the Coast of Massachusetts…GoNOMAD

My favorite stories are the ones that seem to jump up and write themselves. Some times a travel story is so easy to write because the topic compelled you, it made you want again and again to talk about it. With this kind of subject, writing’s a breeze.

I published a story about my time cruising the Isis off the Coast of Martha’s Vineyard. It had been one of those long, long dreams deferred. So when I got a call, I jumped and was soon headed out to the harbor to my home on the water for a few days.

Our anchorage was just off the beach owned by the Chappaquiddick Beach Club, where my grandmother Essie was a member, and where the famous cabanas dot the shore like pointy reminders of summers past. Beside the 42′ boat where I stayed, multimillion dollar 100-200 foot boats also bobbed. It was a pricey neighborhood!