At Harpo’s Bar, Getting Ready for Trivia

I got out on the bike tonight, first time in a long time….and I thought about how if you don’t jump when the call comes, you’ll settle back into the lazy route. So roused as I was by Steve’s promise to depart from his house, I set off and soon we were heading toward UMass in the soft light of evening in the summer.

Everything looked tidy on the back country lanes we pedaled, everything where it should be, nothing out of place. Yards which were getting a lot of attention. Then we passed one old farmer’s house, shielded and mostly hidden by overgrown pines. There, in the yard and everywhere, stood grass covered junk; vehicles, tractors, equipment, and everything floating amidst overgrown grass, junk as far as you could see. I can only imagine what it’s like inside this packrat’s domain.

We rode up past UMass stadium, and noticed how the university has really caught on with its branding, good signs at every entrance to the place. On the way back down North Pleasant St., I saw we’d be riding right past the Harp, so we stopped in for a beer. They were getting ready for trivia night. It’s a big part of the week here, they pack the place to read questions and offer cash prizes. Harpo writes the questions, too.

This is an honest bar where they serve Narragansett draft, along with Pickwicks and Guiness. Comfortable feel inside with lots of room to move around. Worth a stop!