Email from Iran: No Photo

rock bus 741001

I asked Parin if I could publish her photo, that I took in the desert. She replied today, as I expected, and said no. This is a photo on the bus as we drove back dancing in the aisles. This is not Parin!

nowadays we have a real bad condition in our country so i prefer that you just publish my idea without any picture or with some green rectangle with this : Where IS MY VOTE?!
thank you very much

I read a piece on Time Magazine’s website about Mousavi. His credentials from his 20 years in government include helping form Hezbollah, which was born in Iran. The story also said that the candidate was among those in Iran who didn’t want to give the hostages back to the US, a hardliner’s hardliner. So to me, this election and this struggle in Iran isn’t just about the president. It’s about the validity of the election, and the rights of women and the government’s propensity to force women to follow laws like headscarves.

It’s not black and white for sure, and though Iran is polarized, they don’t have our country’s easily defined left and right. I bet many of the people who marched didn’t vote at all, but are now caught up in a fight about an election that’s about so much more. Wow, exciting…I want the best for the forces of liberation, freedom and right to be.