A Visit to the Palace of B&B in Fecamp

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We went to a palace yesterday devoted to a certain spirit. That would be B&B, Benedictine liqueur, which is actually manufactured in a 1900s gothic/romanesque palace in the oceanside town of Fecamp.

“Everything here is about the drink,” our guide Danielle told us as we glided from room to room, eyeing priceless works of art, a collection of ancient keys and locks from the 14th century, and other treasures that the inventor of this drink assembled in this grand palace to get people in the door.

Even the stained glass angels are pictured holding a bottle, gazing down from heaven with regal bearing. AfP1550039 705782ter magnificent rooms full of treasures, we made our way to the cellar where displays show the 27 spices and aromatics that are blended to make the strong elixir. And of course, it ended with a taste, but at 11 am, I had to do no more than sniff the potent stuff. Shoul of course dove in to sip all three.

One display was a pyramid of bottles from around the world, all copyright infringements on the B&B and Benedictine name. Who knew that in Poland they made their own version of this stuff and tried to pawn it off as real B&B?