Watching the Next Generation Write Brings Joy

I’m slightly morbid about some things. My dad is the same way, he talks about dying and what to do when he dies….he’s even written a complete obituary to be printed after he passes away. I too regularly read obits and contemplate the bitter end. But today I posted a story that gives me great happiness and faith in the people who will follow me after I’m gone.

My daughter Kate wrote an article about Wellfleet, Cape Cod that we just published on It’s her second article, and it’s well written and has good information for anyone who might want to travel there. My son Sam wrote a story about his trip to Alaska too. Earlier in the week, I posted a story by Chance St. John, son of Senior Editor Kent St. John, about Denver. That story was much better than a story about the same topic that we rejected…this kid can write!

We also sent Associate Editor Stephen Hartshorne’s daughter Sarah to southwestern Louisiana to write a story for us. That will be appearing on GoNOMAD soon. The point is that we all have offspring who are just as good writers as we are, and they’re discovering the same joy that we find in sharing interesting observations about our travels.

It all makes me feel great that this endeavor will go on for a long, long time, and that waiting in the wings are solid citizens who can keep the flames lit and the passion intact. That’s a great feeling to have, even though at 50 I’m hardly ready to hang up my suitcase.