When the Bucks Trump the Audience, It’s Time to Go

Hey DeWolf, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Chris DeWolf was infamous, in my view, when he declared that he’d prefer a profit to 300 pageviews. He said he’d give up all of those eyeballs to just make a darn bit of money. And abandoning your users is website suicide. He took what was once the most visited young people’s site on the web, Myspace, and made it the most important aspect of promoting music in the US. Now though, the site isn’t in the limelight and is down to about 150,000

Now when people go to MySpace, they are bombarded by dancing cartoons and penguins, and if they go to Facebook they simply find their friends. Easy versus a pain. One symbol of Myspace that rings personally to me: I had to use a different password than the standard one I like because they specified a 5 digit password. So I had to shorten the one I always remember.

Now Johnathan Miller, Murdoch’s top digital dog, has banished DeWolfe to China. He’s being replaced by Owen Van Natta, naturally, from Facebook.