Angler on the Village Creek

P1540451 744326This man told us about the fishing, and how for three years there was nothing. He suggested we take this photo and blow it up big and use it to promote Southeast Texas in one of them bro-chures. He spoke with the thick accent of Louisiana and Texas.

People here are unfailingly polite, sometimes to a fault. One of the journalists who had gone to college here remarked to me in a whisper how frustrating this can be, since they just don’t want to take no for an answer.

But they won’t directly come out and say ‘please do this or that’ but more likely will continue to gently convince you to accept whatever favor or hospitality they want you to accept. You just can’t turn them down.

It’s a trait that’s common here but to a dyed in the wool northerner like me, a new experience. Hell, when we want something no means no and that’s that.