The Myine Wi-Fi Internet Radio Is Real Entertainment

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Last night I came home late and plugged in a new gadget that we’re testing out in the GoNOMAD labs. It’s called the Myine Wi-Fi Internet radio, by Ira, and it’s a blast. I have been a big fan of streaming music on sites like Pandora and, so I was excited to try this one out. It’s so simple, just a sleek five-inch long black box, and it needs a powered speaker like a radio to play.

I hooked it up with its two-headed red and white connector into the auxilliary jack of my Tivoli table radio and began choosing stations from the 11,000 different selections.
I tuned into Dominican salsa, tried out Cindy’s favorite contemporary Italian, and played some Iranian dance tunes. But the real fun came when I discovered Comedy 104, a 24-hour stand-up comedy station out of Topeka Kansas. It’s X-rated and the most remarkable entertainment box ever.

I teared up with laughter listening to Jerry Seinfeld do a routine about the Olympics, riffing on the silliness of luge and silver medals. George Lopez cracked me up with his Mexican stereotypes; then an old Flip Wilson riff on Columbus discovering America as a jive talking modern black guy; and Lily Tomlin did one of her ringy-dingy telephone operator raps. Now Chris Rock is doing his thing mocking the ‘million-man march,’ and Marion Barry the mayor on crack. I left it on all night and when I got up I came down and listened to stand-up at 4 am.
Though the cursing might keep me from using this at the cafe or around the grandkids, this little box is a lot of fun, and it’s the most entertaining device I’ve ever tested. This one’s a keeper!