Sending the Little Mermaid Statue to Shanghai…Really

mermaid 742846

This just in…wow sending a city’s symbol all the way to China! Shoul and I got a chance to view her a few years ago while we toured the harbor in a boat. She was surrounded by Asian tourists, and soon she will be seen by up to 70 million people who visit China’s bustling city.

“She has been beheaded twice and has had her arm cut off, but The Little Mermaid has never left her spot on Langelinie pier since 1913. Until now. This evening Copenhagen City Council voted to send her far away from home to be staged in the Danish pavilion at the world exhibition EXPO in Shanghai from April – November 2010. This ends a long controversy about Copenhagen’s symbol that has flourished since the idea was born.

The Little Mermaid will be situated in the Mermaid Pool in the centre of the Danish pavilion. Here visitors get the opportunity to try some of the best aspects of Danish city life themselves. They can ride around The Little Mermaid on a city bike like a true Copenhagener or have an organic picnic in the roof garden.

While in Shanghai, The Little Mermaid’s place in Copenhagen will be temporarily taken over by a sculpture created by a Chinese artist. Also, a long list of activities is being put together, so tourists visiting the waterfront of Copenhagen won’t be disappointed.