Going to Mobile, Alabama to See What I Can See

800px Mobile Alabama harbor aerial view 795560

Another snowstorm has come and gone, today we are left with the glimmer, shine and colder temps that make it all even more beautiful. I had a busy day yesterday in the office, making plans to travel to Atlanta to the Travelcom show and finalizing my trip the week before to Mobile Alabama.

I’ve never set foot in the state of Alabama…I will be hosted by the tourism dept who will take me to this gulf coast city with several other journalists. I am sure that there are cool things there that I don’t know about yet…and that the downtown is lively and fun. I am always optimistic that there will be neat things to write about on any trip…and my trip last June to Pittsburgh proved that even places that to some are down and out can be revealed as having a lot to do and beauty to behold. I like that I am optimistic about places…hey, how could I be a travel editor and not be?
This morning I was jolted out of bed by the wails of baby Sophie. Kate was giving her a bath and with outside temperatures in the low teens, this 2-month old gal was cold and not happy. So she wailed like I’ve never heard her wail. I often think about contemporaries of mine who have their own tiny babies to raise at my age. Thank God that when I was young I had my own little ones so now I can turn back over and sleep when the baby cries. It’s Kate’s baby and a grandpa doesn’t have to do anything except hold her every so often…and I like that.