Travel Writing 201, Tips from Three Pros

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I’m still thinking about our Travel writing seminar at the Javits Center on Saturday. It was exciting to have an audience of 180 listening to every idea we had about how to break into the travel writing business. I was impressed because many of the people in the audience were already experienced writers, yet they felt that we could offer them something.

It’s always nice to spend time around people who think they’ve got something to learn. I mean, who knows it all, right? After I got back to the office I published a story that summarizes Julia, Kent and my point of view about this topic, with each of our own tips.

I sent this out in email–D’OH!–with the wrong URL. Boy that’s bad internet form. So here is a link to the story, and I hope that if you’re an aspiring travel writer this helps you too. Thanks to Shoul for this excellent photo!