Have Faith, He Said to Himself, It will Grow and Grow

Leaving this morning for a trip to visit family in Princeton NJ. I love the chance to see these folks because they’re always welcoming and interested in what we are all doing. We will also give them a chance to meet and hang out with little Sophie. Gotta do some homework while on the trip to prepare for my Search Engine Optimizing speech at the Boston Globe Travel show Friday. It’s fun being up on that stage talking about stuff I know well and love.

It’s President’s Day…so the cafe is slow, but not as slow as it was a few years ago when we first opened. I think about the cafe and grow impatient with our progress. I want the cafe to be pulling in bigger sales, and even though the slope has been on the increase it’s frustrating to see how much we spend and how little we ultimately keep after payroll, taxes and food.

I take solace in watching a few other cafes, though. The Loose Goose cafe opened about eight years ago in Amherst. Now they have six people working like madmen to make the sandwiches, they are so busy it’s nuts. The Black Sheep, almost 25 years old, does at least 500 coffees a day, and they’re packed all of the time. These businesses started out as humble as we did, and now they’ve become institutions….I love our cafe and hope that we too, grow and prosper and benefit from perservering long enough to be busy all the time.