A Party Full of Youngsters, A Tent That Stands Out

We’re in the big Apple for the next three days, meeting friends, reader and advertisers who all know us through GoNOMAD. Last night Kent and I took a long, circituitous taxi ride down to the lower East Side to a bar called Lolita. Packed in like sardines, 20-somethings guzzled drinks, and we ran into many of our travel cohorts: Sean Keener from Bootsnall, David Farley of World Hum and Travelers Tales, Reid of Reid guides, Marie Javins, the cartoonist, and a few young women who said they wanted to be travel writers.

It was a boisterous crowd, people moving around and jockeying for position in a mix of interesting conversations about the business we all love. We talked about CPMs and CPCs, and the importance of content, and press trips that are coming up and ones we just enjoyed. I was the only one wearing a jacket, feeling a little old standing there with my fruit juice and ginger ale.

This morning we set up the GoNOMAD tent at the Javits. It sticks up about 14 feet, and atop the blue canvas tent (the kind you use for a farmer’s market) there is a four-sided 5′ sign that has a different messages about us. In the back there is a 10′ x 6′ vinyl banner that shows what our home page looks like. I’m already pleased with how it looks and how it dominates the landscape…plus the tent’s blue color matches all of the drapes and carpet!