We Were All Set to Watch it on the ‘Net…Not Yet

The Inauguration in all its glory is now history. I’m sure Justice John Robert’s gaffe during the oath will be replayed for decades. At the cafe, we were all psyched to watch the whole historic darn thing on our computers. I had my tech wizard Joe Obeng here late Monday night making sure our connections were working and the video display that normally shows enticing photos of sandwiches and short travel videos was all set to play hulu.com and the live stream.

So there we were, a bunch of customers huddled over a screen….that barely changed from a still image of the capital. DÓH! It seems that too many people were trying to do the same thing, and eventually, I found my customers drifting off to Georgios where the cable tv was presenting all they were missing on the ‘Net. The tough part is that you couldn’t have turned on a TV with rabbit ears because DÓH! they’ve stopped broadcasting over the air TV signals.

What did we do? We turned on NPR of course, and listened while the stupid computer monitors showed us a steady unmoving image of the event. Chase Sheinbaum, the Recorder reporter, came in and interviewed a few folks…but the news of the day was that the web isn’t ready for prime time yet.