Twitter: A Cooler Way to Blog in Little Bursts

Twitter is providing me with lots and lots of cool links and ideas. I am now officially a fan! Not only have I found articles that really provided me with great ideas (like one about the top ten ways Twitter can help a business do better on line) but I’ve ‘run into’ people through reading their posts, and emailing them. One twitter named nlerner wanted to know about cool travel blogs and I sent her the link to our blog network; another gave me a great idea for a GoNOMAD article about a thousand-mile horserace across Mongolia.

The thing about Twitter that’s cool is that it’s so quick and so archivable. The posts you might have written months ago are so easy to find, and people stuff all kinds of links in the posts. I am one of those people who often does wonder what somebody is doing right now. So for some people, I can get my answer by reading. I do have a tiny bit of twitter envy: some of the 82 people I follow don’t follow me! This is the new insecurity of 2009: counting how many people don’t care enough to follow your tweets but you still dutifully follow theirs.

I just peeked on SEKeener’s twitter feed–he said that there are now videos and photos in the twitter feed. He’s the CEO of a big travel website, and he’s one of the people I wish would follow me. The most famous photo of all is the instant cellphone image that popped up on twitter while people were still standing on the wing of the USAirways plane that ditched in the Hudson. It was taken from a ferry by a guy named Janis who’s now the most famous Twitterer in the land.