The Key To Feeling Great

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I am proud to show my keyring now. Despite its janatorial heftiness, you can see that I’ve now got a Y card attached. And I am just back from my first workout as a regular member!
It feels great to be a little beat up in a good way.

I got a sweet phone call from my mom this morning, she who has lived more than 30 years without a drink. I am not thinking about AA or about a new embracing of sobriety, but when I think about mid-February, after I have another liver test, that’s when it will be harder. At this point, not drinking is just following a doctor’s strict orders…but after that it becomes a lifestyle change that I might have a hard time with. It was nice to know she’s there if I need to call her.

I now recall that it was in the fall 2005 that I had this same health situation. I traveled that year to Chile and I remember turning down so many pisto sours, ‘the national drink,’ and countless beers. I was working very hard then to abstain, and ultimately in the years that followed slipped back into much too regular a habit.

But now I have these keys…and this mom who calls me and offers love and support…and I know so many people who no longer drink, they just carry on and have fun. So I’ll just take this whole thing day by day and hope that my judgment remains clear.