The GoNOMAD Travel Show is Coming to Channel 12

I did a recap late this afternoon about what I got done today. At the top of the list was a meeting in the cafe with Marty McGuane, the new Director at Franklin County Access Television, which serves the towns of Deerfield, Sunderland, Conway and Whately.

It was time for a pitch…and Senor McGuane was eager to hear about our idea for a new TV show. It will be called the GoNOMAD Travel Show, and of course, be brought to you by the GoNOMAD Cafe, downtown South Deerfield.

What I envision is a half-hour show where we take a look at several GoNOMAD article topics, and talk to the writers and discuss where they went. We’d talk about the details of stories and show photographs full screen, so that it wasn’t just a person in the studio.

Marty told me that he’s ramping up his list of original programs, and so far there are only a few. That means our show will be broadcast in the day and again in the night. We’ll post the shows on YouTube and then we can place them on the FCAT website, and maybe on GoNOMAD too.

I did lots of other stuff but this was the most interesting.