Leave Eric Alone–Being Shy Isn’t Self-Centered!

Today is a whirlwind and not in a good way. I feel discombobulated and of course, unprepared for my trip to Mexico tomorrow. I’ll be gone a week, and we’ll be spending time at a beachfront hotel with a stunning pool and lots of time to do…nothing. I’m not sure that I need so much of this vaunted downtime. But we’ve got the tickets and we’re set to go. It was nice to pack shorts and tee shirts instead of heavy sweaters and mittens.

As is my usual habit, I visited Van Dog’s blog and found a post entitled “The Eric Suher Show,” where the famously shy music mogul appeared at the Holyoke Conservation committee hearing. He was there to answer questions about the trees he cut down on top of Mount Tom. Eric wasn’t comfortable being videotaped, and he told the committee he’d rather not talk in front of the leering lens. Van Dog got it all on tape, Eric’s request, and then their answer, which was a reasonable compromise to move the shooter to the back of the room so they could proceed.

What bothered me was the comments that appeared below the post. People called him self-centered, and made melodramatic statements about not visiting his music venues any more. Even the mild-mannered Van Dog was put off because he didn’t feel that Eric should be able to send the videotaper to the back of the room.

I commented that I think reticence about being taped or photographed is part of who Eric is. It wasn’t unreasonable…and it wasn’t a big deal. Eric’s done so much for the city of Northampton’s arts scene. He employs dozens of people and isn’t in it for the money. So give him a break, he’ll talk about the music venue when its ready.