In 2009, He Left the Wine Glow Behind

It’s a new year and I am coming into it with a totally different way of looking at life. That’s because just a few days back I was told that I couldn’t have any alcohol for six weeks. And that after that, it was likely I’d have to curtail my drinking to a tiny fraction of what I’m used to. It’s that same thing that happened to me a few years back…my liver tests showed that I’m in a danger zone. Wow. Well there’s no use arguing, and no big pat on the back for my willpower…it’s more like that’s all there is to it. I’m done.

When I think about my life on my press trips, it’s hard to fathom that from now on they’d be without the sweet elixir that comes in tall bottles at both lunch and dinner. When I think about our November trip to Northern England, I can still taste that delicious semi-cold ale that poured from so many taps. Jeez, even if it’s three percent alcohol can I have some? NO!

I think about last night, at the party, when I sipped cranberry juice and then went to glass after glass of water. As I watched my friends get the wine glow on and get silly, I thought about what I was missing. I reflect on the many people I know who, for various reasons, don’t get that silly glow any more.

Part of me is relieved that I’ve got a built-in, no holes argument for not drinking. Part of me wants to know what it will be like to lose weight after not taking in so many of those delicious wine and beer calories. Part me is sad, thinking about how much I’ve enjoyed sipping wine and quaffing beer in so many settings around the world with so many friends and family.

The other, bigger part says, well this is what life has given me, and so why not make it into a positive? There is no other path to take.