A Groovy New Toaster Speeds Up the Cafe

belleco jt2 779865
I’m the toastmaster general now, seeing as how we’ve upgraded to a new superdeluxe conveyor belt toaster in the cafe. This baby just keeps on rolling, taking in the bagels and spitting them out lovely brown and ready to eat. We’ve had so many problems with burned bread, pasty white bagels and so I sprung for this nearly $600 contraption to make everybody happy.

Donna our manager was thrilled, and greeted me with a big hug. It’s nice that our staff and manager take such pride and have a lot of fun at their jobs. With the climate of layoffs looming and so much bad economic news, you can feel it when you place a help wanted ad on Craig’s list and get swamped with so many people who want a job.

Now a great guy named Dean who left us just called to say he wanted to come back. Hey, have we got a job for you!