Kate Will Have Her Girl Today, Thinking About Phones as Web Browsers

Up very early today, delivering Sam to the Northampton bus station so he can make it back to work today. This is a big day in our household: Kate is having her daughter today at Franklin Medical. I’ll spend the day with Nathan, a daunting task to an old guy who usually only has his grandson in small, controlled doses. We may hit that playground I took him to yesterday, I loved watching him run from slide to swing, delighted by each as if he’d never seen them before. I can’t wait to hear what the little baby girl’s name will be.

More and more I am feeling like mobile phones are where websites are going to be viewed in the coming months and years. With this in mind, I have created a that shows all of my posts here on Readuponit. I know this may be a bit ahead for many of us who are not even close to using our phones to view websites…but believe me, it’s going to hit a big milestone soon, so we want to be ready. I bet that there are thousands of iphones and itouches that were unwrapped yesterday, and they’ll want to visit travel websites along with YouTube and Facebook.

I keep looking for great travel websites who have created compelling mobile sites…so far I don’t know where they are. I hope that GoNOMAD becomes one of the first to do that really well. I know this concept is big because at the big online travel show I attended in November, a company that creates ads for phones won the prize as the best idea for travel innovation.