For God’s Sake Man, That’s Not a Post, It’s a Book!

Up early today, my favorite time of the day. It’s still dark and I sat downstairs, and got a chance to read Jim Neill’s “Under the Noho Dome,” blog where he said he was losing his blog mojo. Well, no wonder! He writes pages and pages for each update, and so I promptly left him a comment suggesting that he forgot the most important blog rule–BREVITY!

I mean, how can you write such a long blog and expect your loyal readers to follow through the whole thing? We have lives you know, we can’ t be reading the magnum opus of Friday’s post. I think that without blogging, my life wouldn’t be as much fun. Because every time I read or see something, I want to share it. Not just with people who are around me now, but with those in the bigger unseen universe. The people ‘out there.’ How can I not share these things I find?

Despite the excitement of worldwide travel, I am more than glad that there are no trips coming up until 2009. To know that I don’t have anywhere to pack for or to fly off to for the whole month is strangely satisfying. I am watching the Google News alerts today for the Salt Lake City’s Deseret News. I got a call and did an interview with a guy named Tad who had a lot of questions about the Iran trip. Columnist Phyllis Lehrer, who I worked with eons ago at the Amherst Bulletin, published a little notice about the trip. I wonder if she got the postcard I sent her (by request) from Tehran.

In my absence it is clear that the cafe did very well. It’s very nice to leave my baby in such competant, caring hands.