The Trials and Tribulations of the Cafe

The cafe requires such a range of different talents. Like last night when I had to empty out the grease trap, and saw six month’s worth of gunk there waiting for me to remove it. Egads that’s awful! That’s one job I don’t want to do from now on.

I had another adventure as I went down to the basement today with my retired electrician Dave. We were checking to see if we could move up to a much bigger style of coffeemaker that requires a big 220 plug to operate. These big machines brew a few gallons at a time, and this would be much better at the cafe, since we sell so many cups we constantly have to be brewing. We poked amidst the cobwebs at our motley electric panel, some of it with old-style fuses.

But after analyzing the lines and the amount of juice we’re already using, he said that the new device can’t exceed 20 amps. Then we found out this one puts out 22-25 amps. Dóh! So we’re outta luck, and can’t bring in that improvement at this location.