She Wears a Special Tracksuit Each Time She Flies

I checked the weather, first outside on the thermometer here at Cindy’s house in Holyoke. Just barely 20 degrees…then I saw that in Tehran it’s a balmy 63. So I guess there’s no need to bring that silk long underwear that helped out so well during our trip to Northern England.

A few years ago, I met a woman in Copenhagen who wears the same track suit and brings a stuffed dog on the plane. She says the keeps the doggie in her lap and uses it as a pillow, and the the tracksuit makes her feel comfortable on the plane. She squeezes the doggie if she gets irritated with the flight crew or by delays. She said she has a packed suitcase that she keeps ready, and always brings the same clothes, traveling clothes, on her trips.

She’s gone on to great fame and fortune by sharing the details of her sex life in a book, which include a steamy sanctioned relationship with another woman inside her open marriage. After the fifth email I got about this I emailed her asking if she didn’t feel a little embarrassed by sharing so much about her sex life with the world. But the same, maybe, could be said of me, I tell perhaps too many details about my life here, except the sex part. Shoul named her the ‘broken China doll’ a name that seemed to fit her well.

At the conference in Hollywood earlier in the week, it was Twitter that was the star of the show, with the participating bloggers posting these 140 character blips about what they thought of the speakers. It is quite addicting, as I found out, and flattering to think that 90 people are following me and reading all of these little blurbs about what I’m doing right now.