At the Magic Castle, These Little Touches Add Up

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Isn’t it the little things that often make the difference? For me it’s been a combination of goodness since I checked in last night to the Magic Castle hotel here in Hollywood.

First the honest-to-goodnessly friendly guy at the counter upgraded me to a suite for my $155 a night price. Then I walk by the heated pool and up into the room, where a bottle of Chardonnay awaited, with the signatures of all the people who work at the front desk wishing me a good stay.

I amble down the hall and into my bedroom, and there is a little sign on the bed. It said ‘here is tomorrow’s weather forecast, with a checkmark next to the box ‘see you at the pool’ and a few chocolates. It’s going to be 82 here, but drat, I didn’t bring any trunks.

I boot up my laptop, yes, free wifi with no password. I turn on the TV, and none of the crap you usually have to wade through to get to the cable channels…just about 75 of ’em ready for me. So far Suze Van Allen’s recommendation that I stay here has been an excellent piece of advice. I look forward to making this my home for the next four days as I experience the show and meet the people I’ve come out here to see.