Nothing Makes Me More Mad Than Traffic Jams

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On Friday afternoon when I told my cafe staff that I was heading up to Maine tonight, they looked at me funny. Yeah, why WOULD I plan on driving nearly five hours starting at 6 pm on a Friday night? Well, because that’s when we can go, and our dear friends invited us. And I don’t like to turn down generous invitations, so we rallied. I drank a big ice coffee, loaded up with sandwiches and chips and we set off.

I rarely get mad. I don’t have a bad temper, but there is one time that my blood boils, and that’s when I am stuck in traffic. Last night for nearly two hours we inched our way east on the MassPike as inexplicably, it was nearly bumper to bumper with no accidents. Just annoying traffic. I yelled at the traffic, I seethed. We almost tried to bail out, but there was nowhere to go. But when we hit 495 and the sailing began to be smooth, my ire faded and I settled in for the long haul up to Boothbay Harbor.

We reached Kent and Lisa’s cute little waterside cottage on Southport Island at about 1 am. Cindy exhausted, fell into bed, and Kent and I stayed up til 2:30 am, ambling over the rocks by the water and sitting out in chairs in the moonlit lawn.

This morning we saw the water rise to fill up the rocks we clambered over and took a drive into East Boothbay, watching schools of whale watchers boarding big boats and Saturday morning tag sailers browsing wares near the harbor.

We stopped at Maine lobster pot complete with concrete floors, rows of tanks, and lobstermen and women bringing in their catches from that morning’s fishing. Tonight we’ll boil up two apiece, love being here and yes–it was worth the drive!