The Long Anticipated Debate Put Us to Sleep

I hate to say this, but last night’s debate was a disappointment. After about 90 minutes, I looked over and saw Cindy with her eyes shut on the couch next to me and found myself struggling to stay awake.

I had been looking forward to the debate for months, remembering the juicy snippets of debates past. Who can forget the famous line “you’re no Jack Kennedy!” uttered by Lloyd Bentsen, or the Duke’s famous stammering when asked what he’d do if his wife were raped and murdered/

But none of these fireworks happened last night. No errors, no gaffes, no really hard jabs, just two very competent and well rehearsed politicians doing what they’ve been doing for more than a year.

I am glad that my guy Obama didn’t experience any Palin moments, (she clearly embarassed herself with Katie Couric last week), no, and McCain was not able to portray his rival as a foreign affairs neophyte. The Maverick didn’t lose his temper either, though at one point he came close sort of sputtering and looking angry.

Sad to say, it was hard to stay awake for the whole thing, since it as dry as ginger ale. But we can’t wait to watch Palin and Biden next week. Now THAT should have some Saturday Night Live moments.