So Glad, So Very Glad, To Be Back in Touch!

For the first time since last Friday, my clothes are all dry and my feet are not wet. I am back from my communications cocoon on the Pacific coast of Colombia, not far from the Panama border. Contrary to our itinerary, we flew first to Bahia Solono, where we took the world´s worst road 14 hard kilometers then drove down a wide beach to an eco resort called El Almental. Armed soldiers were never out of view when we released baby sea turtles, cruised in open boats to view whales from about twenty feet away, and hiked up a stream to discover a crystal pool up on top.

The group numbered about 25–journalists and travel agents from Mexico, Colombia, Chile, UK, Spain and the US. I am now in Medellin, where I found out after reading 69 emails in date sequence that our new cafe manager never began the job, and another who my staff hired also never came to work. But no worries…I´ve posted on Craig´s list, and in spite of this turmoil, I look forward over the next week to sharing many of the stories, photos and adventures I´ve had in this remote, inaccessible and beautiful part of the world.

Thanks for the help Jac, you did a great job filling in and my readers and I appreciate your posting while I was away!