Lunch at Mountain Huts–Who Can Say No?

touch 728131
The cool air of fall is upon us, and even if summer is scheduled to be here through Sept 21, it’s chilly and feels so much different now.

Last night I went out and copied my friend Larry by buying an ipod Touch. What this sleek device offers is super easy, on-the-fly email and web. When we were in the Medellin airport reading a long story about the newly-introduced Sarah Palin in the Washington Post, that sealed it for me. I had to have one. It even has a button for YouTube so you can pop that up on the screen and watch movies, or buy them from itunes and play them during a flight or a bus ride.

On Sunday I fly off again, this time destination is Geneva, and the Megev ski resort. I will have my handy little device in my pocket and if I need to be reached my email will be right there with me. My experience last week of being totally out of reach was a bit unnerving, so this device will help keep the cafe folks in touch with me wherever I go.

The trip will take me to the base of Mount Blanc. Later in the week we will go to the mountains outside Torino, Italy for more days of hiking and having lunch at mountain huts. It’s probably not the best time to leave for another week, but who can resist mountain huts?