Is This a Luxury Prison, Or Is There a Switch?

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I awoke to a totally darkened room here in my luxury off-season room in Chalet Alice. What gives? Try as I might, I see no way to lift up these metal shades that have clamped down, blocking my Alpine view. Whoa, it’s like a very well-appointed prison, no way to open it up to the outside.

I’ll have to content myself with my flat-screen CNN and my espresso maker and my assortment of computer toys that connect me to my universe at home. Still, I don’t think the people who built this fantastic chalet intended to lock me down in the dark here…what am I not getting? Is there a strange little switch that will suddenly lift the metal barriers up, flooding my room with Alpine light and the fresh air of the mountains?

Now it’s time to go rustle up some chow for breakfast. We’ve got an Alpine hike coming up and I have to fuel up, as well as dress in many layers for the chilly high altitude air.