Bermuda: An Alternative to Work

It’s true that a jaunt to Bermuda is not the most ‘alternative’ trip one can take. But for two folks who haven’t taken a trip that wasn’t work-related since the Carter administration, it can seem as wacky as camping with Bedouins. 

Such was the case earlier this summer for my husband, ArcherVision, and I. After months of planning and plotting, we finally stepped on a plane and took a vacation. A real, honest to goodness, spend-too-much-on-lunch-and-even-more-on-dinner vacation.
We did everything you’re supposed to do in Bermuda – saw pink beaches, swam with dolphins, had a beer at the Swizzle Inn, rented a moped. It was all delightfully touristy.
Nerds that we are, we have also been working on little, commemorative videos of our trip. I finished mine, and will debut it here first at ReadUpOnIt! AV isn’t quite done with his film, but the pressure’s on. So, behold the non-alternative-travel goodness, and remember: one man’s boredom is another man’s well-deserved time off.

(there’s music, fyi)