A Photography Show To Be Proud Of

fisherman 766419I am trying to be productive amid the din of the chaos that running a cafe creates. Scheduling is much harder than I ever thought it would be, and the cacaphony of who can’t work when and who wants to get more hours when they want them is intimidating. It all makes me wonder why I ever decided to go into the food business…considering how much smoother and easier our internet business is. But it’s way too late for that, and no one cares about my pain.

There is no time to think these kinds of thoughts, I’ ve got a new employee I am training and my writer Pal Jackie is coming up to work with us on Friday. That’s great. I’ve gotten a ton of phone calls from people who want to have tag sales, and even got myself a permit, so I can have a little sale out next to my Deerfield Attractions Tent that we’ll set up to give the maps away and give out samples of our coffee.

Today I put up my photographs from Colombia’s Pacific Coast in the cafe. Peg, a cafe regular, and then my tough-to-please daughter Kate both told me they thought the photos were great. Hey, I’m proud of ’em and proud too that I have such a nice place to display them!