What Makes a Really Good Party?

What makes a party? What is it that makes you talk about it excitedly the next day? I think you can tell it’s a good party when you hug everyone who walks in. Like each person is worthy of that level of affection, they’re the ones you’ve missed, or haven’t caught up with, or whom you hoped would be here tonight.

Kathy had a party last night in Amherst and it was a delight. So many friends I haven’t seen, so many interesting stories to share, so many new people with new interests to discuss. I met a guy who works in solar panels, generates electricity using solar cells. He said many houses can be set up with photovoltaics for about $18,000–and with around $9K in government tax credits you could pay it off in 8-9 years.

I think the topic of photo-voltaics and green energy is really ripe, and that people are seriously trying to move toward this and many other smart ideas. The price of oil going above $100 is likely and this will push more and more people toward the idea of sustainable energy.