Marty Talks About Tricked Out Word Press Mash-ups

On the bus over to the Omni, I eavesdropped on a man who spoke enthusiastically about blogs, search engine marketing and the work he does creating blog content. His name was Marty, and he wore Ray Bans over his shaved head. He said as he was leaving the bus that he had had cancer, ‘so there is no time to waste,’ I immediately took a liking to him.

“We revive tired web 1.0 websites with tricked out Word Press mash-ups,” he told a man in an olive green suit. “It’s all about remarkable content. I’m almost a 50-year-old guy and I love doing this.” Clearly this guy was having a blast and the whole world he lives in is about search marketing, writing blogs, and getting links to high-ranking blogs and websites. It’s a living!

Later I joined him at breakfast, outside in the Florida warmth. He said he was from Duluth, and told me more about the blogs his company helps corporations write, and the power of getting your blog selected on, a site that has readers choose their favorite posts and links and sends great amounts of traffic to these lucky chosen sites. I love hearing the intricate nuances of these hard to grasp but very relevant topics, that so few people really understand. Marty does–and here at PhoCusWright, he’s in his glory.