Arabs Have Not Done So and Thus Are To Blame

Jeff Robbins is a Boston lawyer who was a delegate to the UN Human Rights Commission during the Clinton Administration. He wrote a piece in the WSJ that was highlighted by the words, ‘but they did not do so’ and it made a strong case against the Arab world that likes to blame so many things on the US, instead of on the real culprit, themselves. He cites these examples:

In 1947, the Arab bloc rejected the UN’s partition of Palestine into two states, Arab and Jew. Instead, they invaded the new Jewish state, and started what would be the next 60 years of misery for both sides.

Then Clinton watched in 2000 as Arafat rejected an independent Palestinian state in all of Gaza and virtually all of the West Bank. Instead the Arabs choose to launch four years of bombing against Jewish civilians known as the Intifada.

Then Israel decided to leave Gaza in 2005–another chance for the Arab world to create a state or invest and create a viable economy. Instead, the Hamas-lead Palestinian leadership started launching missiles at Israel.

Today, Saudi and other Arab countries could be investing in Gaza to create economic opportunities for Palestinians and ‘dilute the toxin-filled atmosphere there.’ But they have not done so.

Europe and Russia who are rich from Iranian petroleum revenues and contracts, could pressure Iran to stop funding Hezbollah, and Hamas, but they have not done so.

So stop blaming the US, Arab world, and start doing something about the Palestinian problem that you profess to care so much about.